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Related article: would have to be run out unless the ball went over the boundary, in which case 4 runs would be scored without the batsmen run- ning. Now what harm would it be to put up at Lord's such a fence, say 15 inches in height, of a wire fire-guard class, in fact, a wire net, with meshes one and a half inches in the clear ? If the area would be two hundred yards in diameter, the boundary would be about six hundred yards round — mind Diovan 160 Mg Price I don't say for certain, as few of us Diovan 320 Mg Cost ever could or Diovan 100 Mg would learn mathematics or algebra and such like at Winchester in my day. Our calculating powers were developed by ** Bob Lowe," a distinguished old Wykehamist, who was made Chancellor of the Exchequer in after life, and began regulating the Income Tax by suggesting that there were five quarters in one Diovan 60 Mg year : and the Government were so pleased with his arithmetic that they made him a peer.* Now these Diovan 50 Mg guards might be made in lengths of a yard each, with a long skewer at each end to * The Chancellor of the Exchequer made a laptus iingner in his speech on ihe Budget, which was always kept up as a joke against him, and he en- joyed It as much as anyone. Stick them in the ground, and if they were so stuck in, what harm could they do ? They would keep the balls in, and any one in the crowd could pick the balls up and throw them in — as>they delight to do now — if the present system of counting four runs is continued. I should say that one of the large manufacturers in the north would contract for six hundred yards of such boundary wire netting at a very moderate figure, and it could do no- harm, even on PuUic School and University Match days, and would not interfere with the ladies' promenade in the dinner hour, as stepping over that bound- ary would be nothing to those who were well up in the •' bam door dance." And now suppose for a moment that Eton and Harrow shoukl agree to play *' no boundaries, and should say let us try to finish the match in two days ; " and that Rugby and Marlborough, and Haileybury and Cheltenham should follow suit and even that Oxford and Cambridge should follow suit too, what a thing it would be, and what an example it would set. If this fence was erected, it should be carried two yards away into the field in front of the pavilion, so that in the event of the present system being abolished^ no ** boundary byes " would exist, and Diovan 150 Mg the outside would be driven to protect their rear. Many of the players and ''amateur average hunters " would rave at this. Let them rave, and be (please to see Captain Marryat, his " Peter Simple," and fill up the blank with a quotation from. Chuck's, the boatswain's, vocabulary). What matters about any one's raving : if the protestors bdoi^ to a county or club which will not I899J WHY NOT TRY IT i 283 accept the altered boundary, they have nothing to do with it ; the boundary then will be only a sub- stitute for the narrow gutter which runs round the ground at Lord's. The M.C.C. surely has a right to put the boundary up, and give any club which comes against them the offer of using it or not. No one is injured, and no one has a right Diovan 240 Mg to complain, and no one has a right to object to the club doing a harmless thing Diovan 300 Mg if they find it convenient. The general question of what to do as regards many things is in the hands of the M.C.C, which is a guarantee that all those who are really competent, and have a vested right to be heard, will find a willing audience in the com- mittee of the Club. It may seem absurd for a man who has passed the Psalmist's post by very nearly six lengths, to go to the wicket again, but I wished to learn the *• terrors" (?) of the overhead bowlings which no man of the past could stand up to, on the authority of garrulous young England — now conspicuous by four-inch shirt collars, oiled hats, and wobbling cigarettes about the size of a bookmaker's metallic pencil ; so finding that Walter Hearne and Martin, of Kent, had a good cocoa-nut pitch on the oak floor of the County Hall at Canterbury, I Diovan 80 Mg Price went to look at it, and I had half an hour to their bowling two afternoons run- ning, and never was happier. The wicket was very quick, of course, but very true, and I was much pleased to find that my sight was as good as ever, though my right shoulder bothered me, as the beggar ** struck " and hugged the rails, and would not start when the flag dropped, and came up a second after the stumps fell with an awful clatter. Taking is^uard in the way which Fuller Pilch taught me at Canterbury in 1845, 1.^., going behind the stumps and taking guard to the bowler's hand, taking in the middle stump as an allignment, I got the accu- rate line of the bail when it left the bowler's hand, and found that line pretty much on my wicket, so much so that the first three balls ** amalgamated " with the stumps, just like the London, Chatham and Diovan 180 Mg Dover and South Eastern Railway Companies want to do, as regards their traffic; and three " tanners " were lost to my- self and my heirs, administrators and assigns for ever. I was to have ten innings, with sixpence on the wicket until '* my side was out. So it came to pass that the " rest of my side " struggled on for about half an hour, and seven more ** tanners i> went (( mto never " — the pleasantest and best spent crown I ever re- member — barripg one more ex- perience two days later, when I took on the same bowlers for